Copywriting Solutions & Content Repurposing for Women's Wellness Coaches

Get your emails, blogs (with SEO baby!) and content working on auto-pilot without the overwhelm of strategy, planning, writing, and editing - all in one place...

MacBook Pro near white open book
MacBook Pro near white open book

No sleazy marketing tactics, no fake scarcity, no FOMO in all your copy - that's what you get when you work with me.

I'm stalker-level obsessed 😏 with women's wellness coaches who are here to make an impact with their services and coaching.

Handling your writing needs when marketing your business, is one less thing YOU should be worrying about IMHO.

You're here to spread your healing, you're here to fulfill your purpose of improving women's health and their lives. You're NOT here to spend countless hours on content creation 🥴

Cue my entrance : the biz bestie you didn't know you needed ;)

Read on to see how I can help...

SEO text wallpaper
SEO text wallpaper

Boost Your SEO with intentional, impactful blogs

SEO-boosted blogs to help you optimize your content for maximum visibility on search engines.

Here's a hard truth: without SEO - your blogs are not reaching your target audience (gasp! Yes I said it...)

There is strategy around the topics and the written content to make you visible to the right people, at the right time.

So you've got a choice here.

Put out great written content WITH SEO strategy...

Or just put out great written content and keep your fingers crossed 😁

(Also available in VIP week packages for those of you who prefer everything to be ready... like yesterday😉)

We like you too quotes on wall
We like you too quotes on wall

Email Marketing that's focused on building authentic relationships with your subscribers

You want to build community with your subscribers AND drive conversions? Say no more!

Oh, and we're not about any sleazy marketing tactics over here. Follow me on socials and you'll see how much I loathe it, LOL.

If you're looking for weekly emails focused on nurturing and making real connections - and not seeing your subscribers as $$ signs, this is for you!

(Also available in VIP Week packages - for those of you who've always got your sh*t together😂)

happy new year greeting card
happy new year greeting card

And the missing strategy from so many biz owners out there....*Drum roll*

Content Repurposing

You spend hours creating content. Purposeful, driven, impactful content. Your audience love it!

But you're only using it on one platform :(

This package takes all that great content you created and turns them into multiple high-impact content pieces to be shared in emails, blogs, LinkedIn posts, social media posts and the list can go on...if you want it to ;)

This gives you consistent, impactful visibility across platforms, without having you lift a finger or use another brain cell to create new content 😉

Especially great for those of you with podcasts because...there are dozens of other pieces of content within just ONE podcast!

What's up, Buttercup?

Hey, I'm Angie and I'm so glad you're here!

Former corporate HR, working mom...turned SAHM-copywriter championing women's wellness coaches!

Super passionate about helping women's wellness coaches get their message out to the world because I know what YOU want to focus on is impacting women everywhere and not get bogged down with content creation or strategizing your emails and blogs.

Your offer changes lives, your offer brings results, it ABSOLUTELY has to be heard far and wide. That's where I come in.

You've got a brain that runs 100 miles an hour figuring out the best new way to serve women. Me? I take those ideas and make sure they're as clearly and impactfully written as possible so your audience knows YOU are the solution for them😍

We're a match made for great things! You'll see...

I'm always up for a wine (ahem, I mean coffee) connect session, so book a Copy Chat today and let's see where it takes us ;)

Let's save you time and the overwhelm of creating content and nurturing your audience.

Let's turn your current content into dozens of new impactful pieces that call in hot leads and build your email list and loyal readers.

You ready to do this?

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